I teach a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses in political theory and the history of political thought.  In keeping with my research interests, I frequently teach a survey of modern political thought, but I also enjoy and regularly teach a survey of ancient political theory, too.  My thematic courses focus on political thinking and writing on political economy, capitalism, democracy, and individuality and sociability.

At Vanderbilt, I have won two prizes for undergraduate teaching, including one at the university level, and I have been a junior faculty teaching fellow at Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching.

Below is a selection of my current and past courses, with links to their most recent syllabi.

Courses for Fall 2016

Ancient Political Theory (undergraduate lecture course)

Democratic Theory and Practice (undergraduate seminar)

Past Courses

Justice (introductory undergraduate lecture course) 

History of Modern Political Philosophy (undergraduate lecture course)

The Politics of Capitalism (undergraduate seminar)

Self and Society (undergraduate seminar)

Liberalism and Its Critics (graduate seminar)

Individualism and the Self in Modern Political Thought (graduate seminar)

The Politics of Risk in Early Modernity (undergraduate/graduate seminar)